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Basic Management Training

The Catalyst Consulting Group Management Series is an eight-module “fundamentals” program for new managers or high potential employees on a management track. Single modules may be taken individually or linked (bundled) to create a customized program for your organization.

  1. Transition to Management
  2. Style and its Impact on Management
  3. Improving your Quality of Hire
  4. Performance Management Part 1
    Setting Goals and Expectations, Feedback and Coaching
  5. Performance Management Part 2
    Managing the Performance Discussion, Dealing with Challenging Employees
  6. Team Dynamics
    Leading and Sustaining a High-Performance Team
  7. Conflict Management
  8. Career Development

Training for Employees and Managers

Leadership and Organizational Development

Career Development

Let's face it, it’s what every employee is looking for. A chance to grow and develop, to stretch and succeed. The key to becoming and remaining an employer of choice is providing employees with opportunities for career development. When you partner with Catalyst, we help you improve and expand the ways in which you can give your employees a chance to grow. Our career development programs include:

Employee Retention

It’s what every employer wants: the secret to getting employees in the door and keeping them there. Now, how do you achieve it? That's where we come in. We’ll examine your employee retention issues and work with you to develop the tools and programs to keep your employees with you. Depending on your specific needs, a program to promote employee retention might include:

Human Resources Consulting

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