Quality of Hire Program

Catalyst Consulting Group — specialists in training and organizational consulting for the biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries — is pleased to announce a complete solution to improve your organization’s Quality of Hire. We will diagnose your existing system, train your team to interview effectively, and help you evaluate and measure the results.

In the current employment climate, you need to ensure that each hire will positively impact productivity and fit appropriately with your distinct culture. You and your team must understand the position, know your “gotta haves” and “wanna haves”, leverage the skills of your interviewing team, and control and measure the process. Interviewing and selection skills today are more than asking legally appropriate questions or simply making sure that the balance of interviewer’s questions to candidate’s responses is a simple 80/20%. Our program addresses the organization's needs to ensure that each hire will positively impact productivity and fit appropriately with a distinct culture.

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Program Objectives

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Program Outline

Modern office with many empty desks
Good employment
practice is not
about putting
bodies into seats!

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Our Approach

With constrained budgets and limited head count, organizations need to maximize each person’s contribution and feel confident that each new hire is a quality hire. Our Quality of Hire program uses tested techniques to truly assess what you are looking for — going well beyond the traditional job description. We will help you understand and interview for cultural fit as well as the sometimes-hidden but necessary requirements for a quality hire. Most importantly, Catalyst Consulting Group’s Quality of Hire program teaches participants — hiring managers and team members alike — to be active and contributing members of a well-orchestrated interview team.

Customization and Expansion

Catalyst Consulting Group's Quality of Hire program has been developed in accordance with the important principles laid out in the Recruiting Roundtable report, Catalyst's extensive experience in selection and hiring, and in real-world testing and benchmarking. The program has been developed and refined in many sessions at many companies. As with all of our programs, the program is always tailored for your culture and needs.

As well as the standard tailoring, Catalyst Consulting Group can customize and/or expand the program further to fit your needs. We employ a unique three-pronged technique in which the training is one part:

  1. Diagnosis —
    • What is your approach?
    • What is working?
    • What is not working?
    • Who are the exemplars in the organization?
  2. Training —
    • Position analysis
    • Interviewing skills
    • On-boarding
  3. Human Resources metrics and evaluation
    • Catalyst Consulting Group will work with your organization to develop and apply metrics to evaluate your company's ability to translate new learnings and practices that impact quality of hire.

Contact us today to obtain our services for your organization and improve your hiring process!

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