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Management training and development

At Catalyst Consulting Group, we help our diverse clients maximize the value of their people. Catalyst can lead your organization along the path to performance. This is how.

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Crystal balls and magic potions?

Actually, the secret to our solutions is simple. We learn everything we can about you: your business, your culture, your issues, your goals. We help you clarify business objectives and identify and understand performance gaps. Then we work with you to develop specialized solutions designed specifically to meet your needs. It is this total solutions, customized approach that sets us apart from the competition. An incredibly simple concept, but you'll notice the difference it makes.

Square pegs for round holes?

Sometimes management training isn’t the answer to fit your unique needs. And you won't catch Catalyst trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. In addition to specialized management training, we are equipped to offer your business:

  • Facilitated interventions
  • One-on-one executive coaching
  • Reviews of HR practices

With Catalyst Consulting Group's extensive record of experience and hands-on approach, you'll save your organization time and money by bringing the right solutions to the right problems.

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Talking heads and slide shows?

Not with Catalyst. In addition to being specifically tailored to your business, Catalyst's programs are not the same cut and dried, canned routines that you dread. Our training programs are engaging and interesting and (dare we say it?) fun. Our programs are designed to actively involve all participants in the pursuit of goals. No one sleeps through a session with Catalyst Consulting Group, because everyone is actively involved in:

  • role playing
  • team building experiences
  • brainstorming sessions
  • problem solving exercises
  • games

Smoke and mirrors?

Our outcomes aren’t smoke and mirrors; with Catalyst, you’ll see real results. Catalyst Consulting Group’s specialized services will equip your staff with the tools they need to close the performance gap. And because we work with you to establish measurable goals, we’re able to help your organization analyze your results and to identify and target areas that need improvement. This commitment to follow-through ensures that you successfully develop the methods you need to maximize your performance and keep on improving.

Consult - Learn - Assess - Create - Repeat

Real Experience

Real results

You want to see actual results from your training program. You want professionals who know what it takes to develop and manage performance. You want a confident and experienced partner to work with you to identify and address your needs.

The founders of Catalyst Consulting Group have faced the very same challenges you face today. Bringing with them extensive experience in Human Resources, they know that maximizing the value of your staff is the key to success in today's market.

Discover the path to performance.

Discover Catalyst Consulting Group.

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